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About the club: 

In 2007, Green Valley was nothing more than a makeshift tent in the middle of an open airfield, set up to host a local rave. A tent which hosted its first event with the legendary Carl Cox commanding the decks, delivering a performance in front of thousands that would rival any event today.

Since that humble beginning, Green Valley has evolved and transformed into a musical playground surrounded by lush, green vegetation, hosting international and national artists for the thousands of discerning clients that walk through its doors. In keeping with the high expectations of the fabulous clientele, the venue has made several modifications over the years including an enormous man-made lake, a second level dance floor, multiple bars and serving stations and even a merchandising boutique - where ladies can even get their hair styled in some events! Green Valley is not just a Club, it’s a festival-sized jungle Club, in what’s proving to be one of the World’s most tenaciously emerging dance music scenes in Brazil and in the World.