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About the club: 

Revel is a resort playground for immersive lifestyle experiences at Revel Beach in Atlantic City.

Guests at the 6.3 million square feet integrated beachfront destination can tailor stays around their passions for culinary, entertainment, popular culture, fashion, wellness, and other personal interests. The 47-story resort will have well over 1,500 rooms; over 50 dining, retail, spa and theater concepts; an indoor / outdoor lobby that embraces the oceanfront location, multiple clubs and bars, and an ethic that values simple, meaningful experiences. It opens Spring 2012. Start your visit at

Resort, Night Life & Day Life programmed by Angel Management Group, Dining, Beach, In / Outdoor Pools, Cabanas, Entertainment Theaters (5000 seats, 1000 seats), 44 retailers, 30,000 sq. ft. Spa, 12 Restaurants (eventually 22), four night clubs and 45000 sq. ft. day club, Casino, Fitness, Immersive Experiences tailored around your passions, and many other offerings


Atlantic City

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