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About the club: 
The Social Club isn't just a name - 
we take the responsibility of our presentation of culture 
to society very seriously. 
Our mission statement reads: 
"One calling for the Social Club is the inclusion of styles, 
genres, and thus the public." 

This isn't some wishful thinking either – 
the weight of history is all around the Social Club. 
Situated in the very heart of Paris, 
the Social Club used to house the same printers which saw George Clemenceau's L'Aurore newspaper come rolling off, 
in particular with Emile Zola's famous 'J'accuse' letter to the French president. 

Saturday are different collectives and promoters who take control of 142 rue Montmartre! 
The musical diversity is at the rendezvous, you can also dance on Trap music, House, Hip Hop, Techno ...

Let's dance!

Average bill amount

Capacity of the club: 
Working hours: 
SUN/MON - day off. TUE-SAT 23:00-06:00