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We decided to launch the new series of interviews about clubs.

Our aim is to show the situation with clubs around the world during the pandemic and to attract the attention of the public to the issue.

As clubs suffer the most during this challenging time for the industry and require more attention and support both from government and media.

Having talks with owners and managers of different clubs around the world we found out a lot of interesting facts and understood that the situation differs greatly from country to counrty. 

We had a talk with AQUARIUS PR & marketing manager Tea Cafuta. Read our interview below! 

Introduce yourself (name, position in the club)

My name is Tea Cafuta, I am the PR & marketing manager of Aquarius club.

What is the situation with clubs in your country? Now and throughout the pandemic?

Indoor clubs have been closed for most time during the pandemic in Croatia, they were allowed to work for a few months in 2 phases, but with very limited number of people and latest until midnight. Outdoor clubs, such as Aquarius, were allowed to work during the summer of 2020, again with limited capacity and working hours. Since Aquarius is quite big and has a lot of expenses to work in a proper way that we would have liked, we didn't even open in the summer of 2020.

How has the club's work changed? What innovations have emerged to protect visitors?

Unfortunately we didn't open the club since the pandemic has started so we didn't have to do any new adjustments to the club's work.

Does your country's government support clubs and their owners and how?

Not much, we receive the minimum monthly salary for our workers, but that is it.

What help would you like to receive from the government?

It would be great to have all our fix costs paid. Also, a lot of help would be to receive the detailed plan concerning the restrictions in 2021 so we can try to plan our reopening and other details of work.

How did your visitors react to the closure of the club during the lockdown period? How did they react on social media?

They were disappointed, but very understanding of the situation. We got a lot of support messages and wishes that we open again as soon as possible.

Do you have a re-lockdown plan to keep your business?

We're still waiting to see what will be the restrictions for 2021 to estimate if we will be able to open in the upcoming season.

Did you host any live streams with DJs or host any online parties during the lockdown?

We did a few live streams and shared some of our partners, yes. We did them with our resident DJs, although outside of the Aquarius venue since it's a seasonal club so the production is not there by default.

Share upcoming events or any news from your club.

All festivals/events have for now been postponed or are still waiting to be confirmed since we are still waiting on details concerning the upcoming season.