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The exclusive interview with booker for electronic Acts of Kantine Augsburg!

Today we would like to present you club in Germany, Аugsburg, it's Kantine!


The chameleon among the Augsburg clubs. Since 2002 there are concerts & clubnights of all kind. Very famous and lesser known bands, liveacts & DJs give us the handle in our hands. There is hardly a club that offers so much variety. Musically almost everything is represented here: Indie, Rockabilly, Dubstep, 80s + 90s, Hip Hop & Techno in the club and live from singer songwriter to speed metal.


We had chance to talk with Bastian Georgi!




DJANEMAG:Can you tell about yourself? How did you start a work in the club? How long do you personally work out there? What are your responsibilities?


Bastian Georgi: I work in the club since 2007. I started as DJ and after 2 years of DJing I became booker for electronic Acts and the hole Club Programm in Kantine.



DJANEMAG:When was the club opened? What is the story of club`s name? What is the capacity, politic of club, price?


Bastian Georgi: The First Kantine was opened in 2002. After 6 years we had to go to a new house 200 metres away from our actual one. So the second kantine startet in 2008 in a bigger house with 1200 pax capacity on 3 floors



DJANEMAG:What are the hallmarks of your club that distinguish you from other clubs in your city and in your country? 


Bastian Georgi: We still have the best PA in Augsburg, an old D&B C4 which was build for live concerts. The Kantine is an old military building which is very rough. The Elements Fire, Water, Earth and wind are the main theme of our house. Our Mainfloor is called FLammensaal, so everthing is full with flames and fire, the second floor ist our “Schwimmbad”, it stands for the Water element, the third floor is our Weltbar for Earth and our garden is for wind. The Kantine is the so called chameleon of the clubs, our concept Is to create new floors everytime. So it will be never the same when you get here.



DJANEMAG:Does your club work in one musical style, which one and why? 

Does the style of music depend on the party or on the day of the week? 


Bastian Georgi: No, we don’t work in one music style and the days also do not depend on the music. Our program depends on the other clubs in Augsburg, the booking and the live concerts we also do.



DJANEMAG:What are the main differences between a Female DJ performs on the stage and a male DJ? 


Bastian Georgi: I think there is no main difference. I Think female Djs look more what happens on the dancefloor and work more with the crowd than male DJs do.



DJANEMAG:By what principle do you choose DJs to perform at your club? 


Bastian Georgi: Hard to say. The Main reason is the knowledge of what our customers wants to have and hear, the feeling to see when a good DJ will get bigger and for real, also the price. We are not willing to pay more than we can earn in one evening and we don’t want to pay a high entry fee that is more than 15,- Euro per Evening with booking



DJANEMAG:Do you follow our top100djanes ranking and what advice could you give us? 


Bastian Georgi: No. I do not.



DJANEMAG:Does your club have as resident female DJs in your club and how could you characterize their work? 


Bastian Georgi: We don’t have a female resident DJane. We really would like to have on but in our region there are no good female DJanes.



DJANEMAG:Do you have favourite club in the world, which work you try to copy or do you create an individual club style with its own specifics? 


Bastian Georgi: For me the Kantine ist my favourite Club and I don’t want to copy any other clubs because we are the Kantine and it is better when other clubs want to copy us what they do. So the stil of Kantine , the Sound experience is a very unique thing that don’s needs any copys.



DJANEMAG:Which of the female DJs do you consider the best in the world and who would you like to see djing in your club? 


Bastian Georgi: Actual I think Charlotte de Witte is the best female DJane in the world. She has a very unique Sound and her performance is great. I also like the Style of Amelie Lens, Anna Reusch and even Giogria Anguilia.



DJANEMAG:What was the most curious moment in your work in the club you remember for the last year? Share it with our readers? 


Bastian Georgi: One of the most curios things that happend last year in our club was when Charlotte played. We had an Afterhour starting from 6 am and after the Afterhour at 11am we found one of our male guets on the female toilets crying. He had an one night stand with one of our guests and she stole his Money, his shoes, his trousers and also his socks. So he had only a T-Shirt and nothing left. This already happened at 2 O Clock in the Morning and he tried to call his friends to bring him new Shorts and Trousers. After we found him we gave him new Clothing from our Stock we have. He brought it back one week later.



DJANEMAG:Name 3 the most important qualities of a DJane. 


Bastian Georgi: Work without a sync button, be able to play with real vinyl and do not work a table dancer with dj qualities. Nobody is interessed in a good dance performance, the people want to hear good music.



DJANEMAG:Who is responsible for the meeting and taking care of a DJ in your club? Do you find this work tedious? Or do you think it is the most pleasant part? 


Bastian Georgi: Normally this is my job. I drive to the airport, pick up our Djs and DJanes, go with them to Augsburg, have dinner with them, pick them up from hotel to the club, stay next to them and have a look that they have the drinks they want and need, that the crowd will stay on the dancefloor, bring them back to the hotel and also back to the airport the next day. This is what I call the full service of Kantine. Sometimes it can happens that there are not many people but the DJ has the keep in mind that everything was great with us and our club and he will come back with a smile on his face. We are all humans and I think when a dj comes to a city where he does not know anybody he needs a person that talks to him and became his best friend for the next 24 hours.



DJANEMAG:What time a headliner plays in your club and how long? 


Bastian Georgi: Our headliners start from 2 up to 2.30 and play until 5.



DJANEMAG:What was the most popular song/track in your club in 2017? 


Bastian Georgi: There where so many a can not really say.



DJANEMAG:What was the best party in your club in 2017 and why? 


Bastian Georgi: The best Party in our club Amelie Lens this year. We didn’t expect that much people and her sound and performance where so great. Also Charlotte the Witte made her evening to something I will not forget. And also the Live Set of Worakls is something that was very great in 2017 because he played live with his piano and this was complete different level to all other djs and djanes.



          DJANEMAG:How strong do you love your work and do you see your future only in this work or would you like to try yourself in smth else?


Bastian Georgi: I love my job as much I can love. In 2018 we have to move our club because our actuall building will be broke down and we still have a new location! So we will have great last Parties until June and in the End of September we start our Kantine3 in the heart of our city.

I started a new project. Last year I bought an old Chevy K30 Fire Truck from 1970 and this one is completely restored and rebuild as a big DJ booth for Festivals, outdoor Partys and so on. So will be on tour with tis truck from April to September and I think this will be a great experience.


First of all, we would like to thank Bastian Georgi for taking time to answer us! We hope our readers could have chance to get pleasure in Kantine!