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We decided to launch the new series of interviews about clubs.

Our aim is to show the situation with clubs around the world during the pandemic and to attract the attention of the public to the issue.

As clubs suffer the most during this challenging time for the industry and require more attention and support both from the  government and media.

Having talks with owners and managers of different clubs around the world we found out a lot of interesting facts and understood that the situation differs greatly from country to counrty. 

Kinker is a unique new club in the industrial area of Basel. What is really cool about Kinker is that the club has a balance between female and male DJs in lineups, which is such a rarity these days. It is impossible not to notice that the club gives preference to real talents regardless of gender and and gives its guests a choice and variety of artists from all over the world.

We had a talk with KINKER CLUB event manager Loris. Read our interview below! 

Introduce yourself (name, position in the club) 

Hello, first of all thank you for the request, we are happy to be a part of your interviews. My name is Loris and I have been the event manager at Kinker Club Basel for two years now. Kinker is a club in the industrial area of Basel, as so it has an industrial charm. It opened in 2020. Our concept is based on respect, equality, and diversity – everyone is welcome here.

What is the situation with clubs in your country? Now and throughout the pandemic?

The current situation in Basel and Switzerland is very complicated. We have had a situation for two years now that changes almost weekly. At the beginning of the pandemic, it was allowed to hold parties with masks. Currently, it looks like we have to celebrate under the 2G+ rule – i.e. vaccinated, recovered and tested. Unfortunately, the measures in force concern our basic philosophy of equality and diversity. However, we are glad that despite the pandemic we can create a space for techno culture.

How has the club's work changed? What innovations have emerged to protect visitors?

Although we have been restricted by the now incomprehensible corona policy since the beginning of the pandemic, we have given everything to follow the measures of the federal government. Certificate checks, contact tracing, hygiene measures and other protection concepts can only be managed with additional personnel (and correspondingly additional costs).   In addition, the waiting times at the entrance double accordingly, which lead to further losses in sales.

Does your country's government support clubs and their owners and how?

In our case not.

What help would you like to receive from the government?

The current measures with Covid certificate and contact tracing make the processes during the evening a lot more complicated. We do not ask for any help, we would be grateful if the measures are dropped again. 

How did your visitors react to the closure of the club during the lockdown period? How did they react on social media?

Of course, our visitors were very disappointed with the closure of the nightclubs at the start of the lockdown. However, we have received support from the community throughout the entire time, to which we are very grateful. It was nice to see that the community grew during the lockdown and remained loyal to us. Thank you for that Basel!

Do you have a re-lockdown plan to keep your business?

All that remains is to abide by the rules of the game. However, should there be another lockdown, we will of course not stand still. We use the time to expand the diversity of the Kinker Club. 

Did you host any live streams with DJs or host any online parties during the lockdown?

During the lockdown, we had various live stream projects in the premises. However, these were not in the name of the Kinker Club, but a matter for the actual organizers.

Share upcoming events or any news from your club.

Our guests can continue to count on the hottest and most up-and-coming line-ups in northwestern Switzerland. In addition, the Kinker will soon be extended by another floor. So our guests can be curious.