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The exclusive interview with management of Metro Dance Club - Jose Ramon Navarrete

Metro is a host of emotions. A mix of personal and vital experiences at the edge of dance and electronic music that have interconnected souls here and there for more than 25 years. The bond that unites them is Metro and its essence.


DJANEMAG: Can you tell about yourself? How did you start a work in the club? How long do you personally work out there? What are your responsibilities?


Jose Ramon Navarrete: Hi, my name is Jose Ramon Navarrete and my position is the management of Metro Dance Club, 
I´m a passionate about electronic music for as long as I can remember, I listened I consumed all the music that passed trough my hands, when I discovered electronic music I felt in love and since today I remain loyal to it.
The beginning was the planning and development of the club, I served as the manager and owner, and also as a dj, I stopped putting music and until today I keep up with the club management.


DJANEMAG: When was the club opened? What is the story of club`s name? What is the capacity, politic of club, price?


Jose Ramon Navarrete: The club opened their doors in 1987 in the old installation of an abandoned cinema that we reformed and rebuilt, thats why we named it Metro, from Metro Golden Mayer, the first logo was a lions cub.
The club´s capacity is variated, because it has lots of difference venues and spaces, we can have from 150 people up to big events with 6000 people. The prices are from 15€ to 30€ it depends in the production of the event.


DJANEMAG: What are the hallmarks of your club that distinguish you from other clubs in your city and in your country?


Jose Ramon Navarrete: It´s different from the rest. 
The location. Its a big extension of 36.000m2 in the outskirts of a village and it´s located in an old manor house of the twentieth century.
The distribution. Its distributed in different floors, big terraces, lots of venues and a big pine forest, all in a perfect harmony and in contact with nature.
The sound. It´s simply perfect.
The costumers are awesome, very cult musically and very open-minded, tolerant and exigent.-
The staff is very professional, they totally live it with passion an give it all in each Metrodanceclub session, that its always a new experience.



DJANEMAG: Does your club work in one musical style, which one and why? Does the style of music depend on the party or on the day of the week?


Jose Ramon Navarrete: Noo!! We work with lots of different styles, but the essential pillars of the club are techno and house music. The music styles varies according to the production of the event for the day.

DJANEMAG: What are the main differences between a Female DJ performs on the stage and a male DJ?


Jose Ramon Navarrete: Definitely in Metrodanceclub there isn't any difference in between women and men.

DJANEMAG: By what principle do you choose DJs to perform at your club?


Jose Ramon Navarrete: We look closely at their musical selection and technique, their attitude in the cabin and over all in the capacity of connection with the club´s public.


DJANEMAG: Do you follow our top100djanes ranking and what advice could you give us?


Jose Ramon Navarrete: Yes, I´ve checked it occasionally and we had the luck of having on our club a big part of the dj´s from the top 100 ranking.


DJANEMAG: Does your club have as resident female DJs in your club and how could you characterize their work?


Jose Ramon Navarrete: Yes, Kuki Cristina and Surikato, and their job is laudable, like it is from the rest of their cabin companions.


DJANEMAG: Do you have favourite club in the world, which work you try to copy or do you create an individual club style with its own specifics?


Jose Ramon Navarrete: Of course, in Europe there are some clubs that I admire and inspire me. But I consider that it´s not about copying, it´s about seeing different ideas and trends and adapting them to our club and costumers, and always with our proper style.


DJANEMAG: Which of the female DJs do you consider the best in the world and who would you like to see djing in your club?


Jose Ramon Navarrete: It´s a very difficult question to answer, because each one has their own qualities, techniques and style, different and very personal, so it´s almost impossible to decide which one is better and it wouldn't be right to say it , it would be a big mistake!
Well this year like many others they´ve passed a lot of great female artists like: Giorgia Angiuli, Ellen Allien, Anna, Indira Paganotto, Jade, Anja Schneider, La Fleur, Simina Grigoriu, Kuki Cristina, Marta Reverte, Miss-tra…


DJANEMAG: What was the most curious moment in your work in the club you remember for the last year? Share it with our readers?


Jose Ramon Navarrete: A good anecdote, was in 1992 when the Olympics were celebrated and they changed the olympic torch literally in Metro´s door…some helicopters arrived and dozens of police patrols and all the people got alarmed. But when they knew what was going on they got infected of joy and they all went out to the parking to acclaim and cheer the athlete who made the change. It was very emotional, a very fun chaos.


DJANEMAG: Name 3 the most important qualities of a DJane.


Jose Ramon Navarrete: Attitude, technique, musical selection and I will have to add another one, the connection with the club´s public.


DJANEMAG: Who is responsible for the meeting and taking care of a DJ in your club? Do you find this work tedious? Or do you think it is the most pleasant part? 


Jose Ramon Navarrete: It´s precisely a women: Cristina Navarro. And it´s a very enjoyable job, like others from the club, we are a big team of professionals and we enjoy our job, it excites us and that´s what really transmites great experiences.


DJANEMAG: What time a headliner plays in your club and how long? 


Jose Ramon Navarrete: They always perform in the flashpoint of the session, usually they play for minimum two ours, but the vast majority don´t want to finish. There are great vibes in Metrodanceclub´s dance floor.


DJANEMAG: What was the most popular song/track in your club in 2017?


Jose Ramon Navarrete: Wow, it´s very complicated, there are many hours, many rooms, a lot of music, I cannot tell you, but to put an example:
Age of love- Solomun 
Cubicolor dead end thrills- Patrice Bäumel
Sorcery- Patrice Bäumel
Tale of Us & Vaal- Monument



DJANEMAG: What was the best party in your club in 2017 and why? 


Jose Ramon Navarrete: Summer Party, apart from the line up and the musical content, it´s in summer, there are lots of ours, it´s very participative, active, festive and refreshing.


DJANEMAG: How strong do you love your work and do you see your future only in this work or would you like to try yourself in smth else?


Jose Ramon Navarrete: I totally love my job, it´s the best in the world. I see myself working on this project as far as I find someone that like, feel and live the club the same way I do…that exact day I will go home and feel happy to see that that idea and hope stills alive and will be alive for many years, to give joy and great experiences to all their costumers and future generations.




DJANEMAG team want to thank for interview! We are absolutely sure that our readers found out a lot of interesting and useful information. DJANEMAG strongly recommend to visit Metro Dance Club ! 

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