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The exclusive interview with marketing and social media manager of Coda is OUT NOW!

Coda is Philadelphia’s premier live performance venue, nightclub, and event space. Located within the busy Rittenhouse Square neighborhood of downtown Philadelphia, the venue regularly showcases live performances and DJ sets from some of the newest, most talented artists in music, and hosts acts that span many genres — from indie rock to electronic, tribute acts, jam bands, pop, and more. We talked with the marketing and social media manager Ryan Karolyi. Check our exclusive interview below:



DJANEMAG: Can you tell about yourself? How did you start a work in the club? How long do you personally work out there? What are your responsibilities?


Ryan Karolyi:  Ryan Karolyi, 26, love the whole music scene. Started throwing shows in Philly 5+ years ago, at Coda 3 years ago, and have been full time over a year now. Responsibilities are marketing and social media. Also dealing with behind scenes of shows (paperwork, marketing plans, hotel bookings, travel bookings, hospitality, etc)



DJANEMAG: When was the club opened? What is the story of club`s name? What is the capacity, politic of club, price?


Ryan Karolyi:  Club opened 3 years ago come February. Coda means "the concluding passage of a piece or movement, typically forming an addition to the basic structure." So this was already a club that was called Wisper and we came in and breathed some life into a dying business. Max cap is 550 and price always varies dependent upon event.



DJANEMAG: What are the hallmarks of your club that distinguish you from other clubs in your city and in your country?


Ryan Karolyi:  I think we are super super versatile. From any type of music including house music, heavy bass music, to hip hop, to all types of live music. From having booked Snoop Dogg to Deadmau5 to Stevie Wonder. We do a bit of everything.



DJANEMAG:. Does your club work in one musical style, which one and why? 

Does the style of music depend on the party or on the day of the week? 


Ryan Karolyi:  As mentioned we do it all. Although every Friday late night is touring house/techno/bass music & Saturday's are our open format and branded (90s night, 80s night, classic hip hop night, etc) nights.



DJANEMAG: What are the main differences between a Female DJ performs on the stage and a male DJ?


Ryan Karolyi:  Really no difference at all! We have females all the time including names like Nora En Pure, J Phlip, Sleepy & Boo, Nina Las Vegas and more!



DJANEMAG: By what principle do you choose DJs to perform at your club? 


Ryan Karolyi:  Raw talent. Period.



DJANEMAG: Do you follow our top100djanes ranking and what advice could you give us? 


Ryan Karolyi:  We actually do not!



DJANEMAG: Does your club have as resident female DJs in your club and how could you characterize their work? 


Ryan Karolyi:  We really don't have any resident DJs.



DJANEMAG: Do you have favourite club in the world, which work you try to copy or do you create an individual club style with its own specifics? 


Ryan Karolyi:  We love a whole lot of different vibes. If the talent is proper, and the setting is good, we are cool with it!



DJANEMAG: Which of the female DJs do you consider the best in the world and who would you like to see djing in your club? 


Ryan Karolyi:  Female or not, we consider Nora En Pure in the top for sure!



DJANEMAG: What was the most curious moment in your work in the club you remember for the last year? Share it with our readers? 


Ryan Karolyi:  Hmmmmm. Definitely some crazy green room things that go down. Can't put a finger on the weirdest



DJANEMAG: Name 3 the most important qualities of a DJane. 


Ryan Karolyi:  Talent. Talent. Talent.



DJANEMAG: Who is responsible for the meeting and taking care of a DJ in your club? Do you find this work tedious? Or do you think it is the most pleasant part? 


Ryan Karolyi:  Myself and the other show manager we have. Not at all! It is awesome meeting different talent from different parts of the world and seeing the culture represented in not only their music but their personality.



DJANEMAG: What time a headliner plays in your club and how long? 


Ryan Karolyi:  2-3 hours



DJANEMAG: What was the most popular song/track in your club in 2017? 


Ryan Karolyi:  Dirty Bird Records tracks



DJANEMAG: What was the best party in your club in 2017 and why? 


Ryan Karolyi:  Deadmau5 After Party w/ Feed Me and No Mana was one for the books for sure! Sold out and super energetic crowd.



DJANEMAG: How strong do you love your work and do you see your future only in this work or would you like to try yourself in smth else?


Ryan Karolyi:  I see myself here for a while and hopefully expanding onto more projects when the time is right! Thanks again for the opportunity and interest in what we do :)




DJANEMAG team want to thank for interview! We are absolutely sure that our readers found out a lot of interesting and useful information. DJANEMAG strongly recommend to visit Coda ! 

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