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The exclusive interview with one of founder of Fundbureau!

Today we would like to present you club in Germany, Hamburg, it's Fundbureau!

In the catacomb-like premises of Fundbureau every month there are live concerts and dance evenings of different styles. The bar area is simple and cosy, drinks are well presented. 

We had chance to talk with one of founder of the club -  Ute Dax!


DJANEMAG: Can you tell about yourself? How did you start a work in the club? How long do you personally work out there? What are your responsibilities?


Ute Dax:  I am one of the founding member and opened the Club in 1997 as an uncommercial art space, I am working at Fundbureau from the first day until now, I started to take care of the bar and interior design, later I was responsible for the booking and now I am responsible for everything at Fundbureau.


DJANEMAG: When was the club opened? What is the story of club`s name? What is the capacity, politic of club, price?


Ute Dax:  The Club opened in 1997 as an uncommercial art space, the place was a former lost-and-found office (=Fundbüro) of the German railway company "Deutsche Bahn" and  the name is written in a german/french mixture: "fundbureau"


DJANEMAG: What are the hallmarks of your club that distinguish you from other clubs in your city and in your country?


Ute Dax:  The club is located under a railroad bridge with two long rooms (hall, casemate, crypta)


DJANEMAG:. Does your club work in one musical style, which one and why?


Ute Dax:  There are many different styles of electronic music and crossover: Techno / Deep / Minimal / Downbeat, Electro Swing, HipHop, Reggae ...
Does the style of music depend on the party or on the day of the week?
Not necessarily



DJANEMAG: What are the main differences between a Female DJ performs on the stage and a male DJ?


Ute Dax:  They are still more rare - but we still working to increase the average from 15 % to 50%


DJANEMAG:. By what principle do you choose DJs to perform at your club?


Ute Dax:  We are working with different DJ teams - they perform and choose the lineup


DJANEMAG:. Do you follow our top100djanes ranking and what advice could you give us?


Ute Dax:  We should inform our DJ-Teams about, it would be great, if they find more female DJs - we are not sure, if they all really had a look at this ranking


DJANEMAG:. Does your club have as resident female DJs in your club and how could you characterize their work?


Ute Dax:  Unfortunately not, but some local female DJs performed more than two times a year: Bruna, Canée, Melissa Francis, Lucinee


DJANEMAG:. Do you have favourite club in the world, which work you try to copy or do you create an individual club style with its own specifics?


Ute Dax:  No


DJANEMAG: Which of the female DJs do you consider the best in the world and who would you like to see djing in your club?


Ute Dax:  Electric Indigo, Ellen Allien, Helena Hauff


DJANEMAG: What was the most curious moment in your work in the club you remember for the last year? Share it with our readers?


Ute Dax:  Listening to our new Funktion-One sound system and its amazing transparent sound ...


DJANEMAG: Name 3 the most important qualities of a DJane.


Ute Dax:  A good performer and listener and know how to play a sound system (also valid for male DJs)


DJANEMAG: Who is responsible for the meeting and taking care of a DJ in your club? Do you find this work tedious? Or do you think it is the most pleasant part?


Ute Dax:  We are working in a team and we all like this work


DJANEMAG: What time a headliner plays in your club and how long?


Ute Dax:  We start at midnight and the headliner mostly starts between 3 and 7 a.m., duration between 2 and 3 hours...


DJANEMAG: What was the most popular song/track in your club in 2017?


Ute Dax:  This can not be determined ;)


DJANEMAG: What was the best party in your club in 2017 and why?


Ute Dax:  Tächno - outstanding music, DJs, art work and interior design


DJANEMAG: How strong do you love your work and do you see your future only in this work or would you like to try yourself in smth else?


Ute Dax:  I love my work and 20 years are not too long ....



First of all, we would like to thank Ute Dax  for taking time to answer us! We hope our readers could have chance to get pleasure in Fundbureau!