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The exclusive interview with owner & founder of Riobo Fashion Club!

Today you have a chance to know more about the Riobo Fashion Club.


RioBo is one of the most important clubs in the South of Italy. It represents the madness of Gallipoli beaches but its style is always elegant and unique. Its 20 year of history are simply incredible. Located in the heart of Salento, it’s perfect to feel the groove of Puglia. We talked with the owner & founder of Riobo Fashion Club,  Paolo Pastore



DJANEMAG: Can you tell about yourself? How did you start a work in the club? How long do you personally work out there? What are your responsibilities?


Paolo Pastore: Hi. I'm Paolo Pastore, owner & founder of Riobo Fashion Club, in Gallipoli. Thanks for your interest. We started our business more than 20 years ago. We have understood the potential of Salento, for its tourism and its magnific location. So, we have decided to accept this challenge: to create a new sofisticated form of musical enterteinment dedicated to young people and adults.



DJANEMAG: When was the club opened? What is the story of club`s name? What is the capacity, politic of club, price?


Paolo Pastore: The club is opened since 1986, when my mother has bought a characteristic masseria, a typical rural house in Salento. We decided to call it Riobo, like the happy place narrated in the homonymous poem of the italian poet Aldo Palazzeschi. We dreamt a place where people can enjoy the best music that they have ever heard. We realize this dream with the collaboration and the hard work of all Pastore Family.



DJANEMAG: What are the hallmarks of your club that distinguish you from other clubs in your city and in your country? 


Paolo Pastore: Our hallmarks are exclusivity, passion for work, selection of music and enterteinment and high quality of all services. Riobo is a synonym of pure fun and enjoyment.



DJANEMAG: Does your club work in one musical style, which one and why? Does the style of music depend on the party or on the day of the week? 


Paolo Pastore: We follow the musical trends and organize DJ Sets with different kind of music in two dance floors, on two different levels. We organize also burlesque ballet and shows with acrobats.



DJANEMAG: What are the main differences between a Female DJ performs on the stage and a male DJ? 


Paolo Pastore: There aren't any particular differences. The performs depend on the DJs and their technical skill, not from their gender.



DJANEMAG: By what principle do you choose DJs to perform at your club?


Paolo Pastore: We choose famous DJs with particular technical abilities or new talent who maybe are experimenting new musical form and enterteinment. Our main interest is to generate the surprising effect in our guests. 



DJANEMAG: Do you follow our top100djanes ranking and what advice could you give us? 


Paolo Pastore: Keep up this great work!



DJANEMAG: Does your club have as resident female DJs in your club and how could you characterize their work?


Paolo Pastore: No, at the moment we haven't resident female DJs, just male residents like Savi Vincenti, Mino Burlesq and Leonardo De Paolis.



DJANEMAG: Do you have favourite club in the world, which work you try to copy or do you create an individual club style with its own specifics? 


Paolo Pastore: I really think that Ushuaia of Ibiza is a great discoteque but I took inspiration also from the first italian discoteque of Rimini, Riccione e Courmayeur 



DJANEMAG:  Which of the female DJs do you consider the best in the world and who would you like to see djing in your club? 


Paolo Pastore: Surely the great Nina Kraviz and The Black Madonna but there are many good female DJs in Italy and in the world.



DJANEMAG: Name 3 the most important qualities of a DJane. 


Paolo Pastore: Love for music, Creativity, a magic remix and Passion.



DJANEMAG: Who is responsible for the meeting and taking care of a DJ in your club? Do you find this work tedious? Or do you think it is the most pleasant part?


Paolo Pastore: I take care the selection of all DJs. It's a great important work for me. 



DJANEMAG: What time a headliner plays in your club and how long? 


Paolo Pastore: The DJ Set start from 00:30 p.m. and continue all night long.



DJANEMAG:  What was the most popular song/track in your club in 2017? 


Paolo Pastore: The David Puentez and Gregor Salto remix. Two unforgettable nights. They were incredible!



DJANEMAG:  How strong do you love your work and do you see your future only in this work or would you like to try yourself in smth else?


Paolo Pastore: We work really hard and now are preparing a new amazing summer with special guests, new  resident DJs and many other news. But now I can't tell you more. Stay tuned for our new adventure! ;)


First of all, we would like to thank Paolo for taking time to answer us. We are absolutely sure that our

readers found out a lot of interesting and useful information. DJANEMAG strongly recommend to visit

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