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The exclusive interview with Vu Duong - Marketing director of ENVY club is OUT NOW!

ENVY is an evolution of the nightlife experience that showcases a unique collaboration of outstanding musical talents, world class artistic and fashion shows under one roof. This social world filled with glamour, theatre and excitement is established in the center of Saigon. ENVY will herald a new generation of nightlife entertainment in Asia. 

We had chance to talk with Marketing director of ENVY club -  Vu Duong.


DJANEMAG: Can you tell about yourself ? How did you start a work in the club? How long do you personally work there? What are your responsibilities ? 

Vu Duong: My name is Vu Duong. I have a great passion in f&b and entertainment industry and Vietnam has a huge potential in this industry where people going out almost every single day. I  am currently the Marketing director of VISE Hospitality in charge of the whole branding, event, advertising activities for the group.

DJANEMAG: Can you tell about club's name ? When was club opened?  What is the politic and price of club?

Vu Duong: The club name is Envy. The reason behind when we select the name was that Envy is a positive motivation that drive people to work harder, make themselves better in order to achieve the same position as someone else’s success.
The club opened in October 2016, and since then has become the most prestige, premium club in Vietnam in which we are very proud of because of its name. We would like to bring the entertainment industry in Vietnam to a higher level that can be competed internationally.

DJANEMAG: Does your club throw theme parties? Which one?

Vu Duong: Envy is one of a few clubs in Vietnam that has theme show daily. We have created more than 16 themes show until now in one year. Here are some signature shows that we have:


Brings you to the under the sea world with Mermaid, Jelly fishes and water bubble right inside Envy.  

The battles of Heroes that you have never seen before. Are you #teamMarvel or #teamDC.

It’s the traddional Chinese Theme especially created for the Moon Festival, Shanghai Opera mixed with EDM music inside a nightclub. Have you ever seen it elsewhere?

Join us to explore the mysterious island where you can meet Indiana Jones, the jungle tribes and Amazoness.

DJANEMAG: Do you follow our top100djanes rating and what advices would you give us? 

Vu Duong: Yes we do follow 100Djanes and we appreciate what you are doing as there are a lot of talented female DJ out there in which DJMag does not give female DJ enough credit.



DJANEMAG: Which Djanes were played in club in 2017? On your mind,who was the best ? 

Vu Duong: We had Krewella performed at our club on November 2017 and it was one of the best night ever at our club.



DJANEMAG: By what principles do you choose DJs for show in your club? 

Vu Duong: The DJ must be popular in Vietnam in terms of social media, with multiple hits and have played in major nightclub and festival all around the world.



DJANEMAG: Which DJane do you think is top in nowadays electronic music community? 

Vu Duong: Nervo , and we would love to get them here in Envy in 2018.



DJANEMAG: What is the most curious moment in your work in the club you can remember for the last year and share with us? 

Vu Duong: Our anniversary when our invited VIP does not know what is about to happened during that night which we did a lot of amazing shows all in one night.



DJANEMAG: What was the most popular song in your club in 2017? 

Vu Duong: Despacito remix.



DJANEMAG: Does your club work in one style of music? Which one? Does the style depend on the party? 

Vu Duong: We are more towards the open format in which we build up the night from commercial to hiphop/ twerk and electro EDM… It also depends on the crowd so the responsibility of the DJ is very critical to read the crowd and make them moves.



DJANEMAG: Can you tell us about plan for future? Maybe you create new projects or special performance? 

Vu Duong: We always thrive to make Envy better so this year will have a lot of more amazing shows to come With our in-house entertainment team, you will sure be surprised everytime you walk into Envy. We are making Envy into an indoor mini festival in the weekend with huge C02 cannon and full blast confetti….



DJANEMAG: What is the secret of your club? How to be success and popularity club as you are?  

Vu Duong: The principles are the harmony combination of service, entertainment & music. We have to make people having fun all the time when they enter Envy, and keep on being creative with something new all the time. That is how we can be success and sustain in this business.



First of all, DJANEMAG team want to thank Vu Duong! We are absolutely sure that our readers found out a lot of interesting and useful information. DJANEMAG strongly recommend to visit ENVY club! 

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