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The exclusive interview with WOMB`s PR - YUI is OUT NOW!

Today we want tell you about legendary club in the world - WOMB. Since opening in 2000 in Shibuya, Tokyo, the leading district in music and fashion and worldwide focal point for Japanese youth culture, WOMB continues to bring the latest and best in electronic music to fans in Tokyo and serves as the launching pad for resident artists into oversea fame. Womb is a 1000 capacity club that spreads across four floors. The main floor is equipped with a full digital soundsystem, high-quality strobe lighting and lasers. Since 2008, the club has hosted an annual indoor festival WOWB ADVENTURE, which attracts nearly 10,000 people for each edition.

We had chance to talk with WOMB`s PR - YUI .


DJANEMAG: Can you tell about yourself ? How did you start a work in the club? How long do you personally work there? What are your responsibilities ?
YUI: My name is Yuiko Ishii and I’m WOMB’s PR. I’ve been worked for WOMB for 10years. I started working for WOMB as a part-time job just after coming back from London. I had stayed in London for a year to study English but honestly i hadn’t go to school much..I had partied a lot with friends in London lol :) After i came back to Japan, oneday I was checking a schedule of WOMB to go partying and I found help-wanted ads on WOMB’s website. So i applied it and I had interviews twice with managers and CEO and got in! I started as a part-time job because i still had one year to graduate Seikei Uni in Tokyo. After my graduation i started to work for WOMB as full-time.
I don’t regret that I partied a lot without going to school much in London because if not I won’t be here, I won’t work in WOMB. (But anyway, when i was in London I already apologized to my mom that i didn’t go to school much on a phone because she paid all the money for school in London. But she has been super supportive to me. She said "if it was your decision, I respect that. I believe you will find your way anyways.")


DJANEMAG: When was club opened? What is the story of club`s name? What is the capacity, politic of club, price?
YUI: WOMB opened in  2000. We have not dress code and face control. The capacity is around 1200. Price for Friday and Saturday is ¥2800-¥3500 and ¥1500 for Monday toThursday and Sunday but some weekday parties are free admission for ladies. Price vary by events.


DJANEMAG: What music was initially played in it, which is preferred today?
YUI: WOMB has been recognized as TECHNO, HOUSE club. Also WOMB's longest-running resident party, 06S, is now in its 16th year, showcasing some of the finest Drum&Bass in Japan and leading Japanese Drum&Bass scene. For Techno audience, top TECHNO and HOUSE DJs such as RICHIE HAWTIN and NINA KRAVIZ, RICHARD VILLALOBOS, DIXSON...are very popular. Also SVEN VATH has played in WOMB almost every year.
Formore, We started new parties focused on TRAP, DUBSTEP and BASS MUSIC in this two years to cater to young people. TRAP, DUBSTEP and BASS MUSIC are getting really popular in young generation here. Those young audience loves SKRILLEX, DIPLO, ZOMBOY. Skrillex show at WOMB in December 27th last year was very successful.


DJANEMAG: What club is the World`s #1 to your mind?
YUI: I wish WOMB! So our team work towards it! 


DJANEMAG: Which DJanes was performed in your club during last year? Whom of them did you like the most and why?
YUI: Nicole Moudaber, Hito, Snoja Monear, Ellen Allien, Nervo, Tania Vulcano and many of local DJanes. I enjoyed dancing with all of their play! But if I have to choose one, I say Nicole Moudaber. She is one of my favorite DJs and I always wished to listen her play at WOMB. Last year my dream came true! She played at EDC JAPAN's Official After Party in April and also December 31st for New year’s eve party. At new year’s eve party she played more housy and less BPM set because we requested so to live up happy new year mood although she plays the dark & deep techno usually. She played with full of love and It was a blast!


DJANEMAG: What are the criterias of choosing the DJane for a special show?
YUI: Should have great skill and popularity.


DJANEMAG: Do you have Djane residents in the club?
YUI: There is one female DJ but she always plays as a unit called DRUNKEN KONG  with her partner. And they have resident party called INTENTION at WOMB. They played at ADE 2016 and 2017 and have been releasing music on major international labels such as Christian Smith`s Tronic, Monika Kruse`s Terminal M, Transmit Recordings, Loose Records,!Organism, and Unity Records. The duo has also been active with domestic label such as Session WOMB and Plus Record.


DJANEMAG: Which DJane do you think is the best in nowadays electronic music community?
YUI: Nina Kraviz.In EDM scene, NERVO.


DJANEMAG: Do you notice more guest activity at nights when DJane is announced (in comparison with male DJs shows)?
YUI: Hmm..i don’t really think so.. but some of local Danes have many their fans and it could have an affect on  guest activity.


DJANEMAG: Do you follow our top100djanes rating and what advices would you give us? 
YUI: About your  top100djanes rating, its very mixed genre, which is good!



DJANEMAG: Can you tell us about plan for future? Maybe you create new projects or special party?
YUI: We seek and try something new, new project new music, new technology...
As projects in 17 years, collaboration with internationally famous clubs(Space Ibiza, fabric LONDON, the end LONDON, D_EDGE SAO PAULO) are the reason why we are here now as an international nightclub who always have a global vision. And cruising party WOMB CRUISE and urban style dance music festival WOMB ADVENTURE, which more than 10,000 people came, both held in Tokyo. There are more more interesting project we’ve done!
Also i want to tell funny project 'YUI CHANNEL’ that is WOMB official youtube and Facebook  weekly video channel I host. Basically I introduce parties held in this coming weekend at WOMB inviting DJs who will play in those parties. It's about 3-10mins, short quick video. Usually those guest DJs for YUI CHANNEL are local Japanese DJs but sometimes main guest DJs for parties appear on YUI CHANNEL, such as RICHE HAWTIN, NINA KRVIZ, TIM DELUXE , STEVE RACHMAD, AGORIA, D.O.D and many more..
l started this video in 2012 with my PR team and it was small project at the beginning. it did cost almost nothing, and we started to shooting with laptop camera with some apps to add video some easy effects lol
Also, In some episode I go and introduce restaurants and cafes around WOMB. It's a kind of nice tips for people who come to WOMB, where to eat or where to go for a drink  before and after WOMB. I want to do this more, giving people information not only party information, but also WOMB’s recommended spots and activities.
You can check on


DJANEMAG: What is the secret of your club? How to be success and popularity club as you are? 
YUI: I don’t really know if we are successful or not.. but one thing i can tell is, we our team always communicate each other often like shearing. we say we are WOMB family! If there is any problem we try to solve it with all of us. Also for artists we communicate often. We welcome them as a part of our family.

First of all, DJANEMAG team want to thank YUI! We are absolutely sure that our readers found out a lot of interesting and useful information. DJANEMAG strongly recommend to visit WOMB club! 

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