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Exclusive interview with Z CLUB

We decided to launch the new series of interviews about clubs.

Our aim is to show the situation with clubs around the world during the pandemic and to attract the attention of the public to the issue.

As clubs suffer the most during this challenging time for the industry and require more attention and support both from government and media.

Having talks with owners and managers of different clubs around the world we found out a lot of interesting facts and understood that the situation differs greatly from country to counrty. 

We had a talk with Z CLUB (Vietnam, Nha Trang) art director and general menager. Read our interview below! 

Introduce yourself (name, position in the club)

Svetlana Gumerova - art director and Darya Kochetova - general manager.

What is the situation with clubs in your country? Now and throughout the pandemic?

We have shut down the club twice. Two months on the first wave and a month on the second wave.

Club life is restored. In our region, 80% of the guests were international tourists, with fewer guests, club business is on the decline.

How has the club's work changed? What innovations have emerged to protect visitors?

There were no cases in our city, but we still took action: inside, staff and guests had to wear masks and gloves.

Every guests' temperature was checked. Staff underwent medical and temperature check-up.

Does your country's government support clubs and their owners and how?

We believe that this problem does not affect our club plans or work. 

How did your visitors react to the closure of the club during the lockdown period? How did they react on social media?

We are located in Nha Trang, Vietnam. It's a tourist city. The majority of our guests, who are tourists from all over the world, have left the country. We are still receiving messages from around the globe with the text "When the borders will open again? We want to come back to you!" 

Residents, who also loved going to our club are more patient. Vietnamese people endured the Covid-19 pandemic and won. Currently, there is not a single person infected with Covid-19 in Vietnam.

Do you have a re-lockdown plan to keep your business?

We are still working and, of course, we will save the club. Our management will do all that they can for that.

Did you host any live streams with DJs or host any online parties during the lockdown?

Yes, we have live-streamed DJ's and it was a success! Because experiencing emotions from music and remembering the atmosphere before the pandemic is priceless. The music of our DJ's unites countries and continents.

Share upcoming events or any news from your club.

We have many parties planned for the future. 24th of December "Christmas party", 1st of January "New Year's Eve party", and then "Vietnamese New Year party".