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Hēi project has been holding workshops at MUTABOR

Hēi project has been holding workshops of #clubvideos at Moscow Music School (Moscow), Universal University (Moscow) and NCCA Arsenal museum (Nizhny Novgorod). Laura and Thea have guided the students who attended the workshops on how to shoot, build and edit club videos on the beat of unreleased tunes from disco, house and electronic music artists.

The results will be published in the next weeks.

We collected some video snippets from the workshops and we performed at the renowned Mutabor club in Moscow proposing an audio-visual show on big screens mixing fresh visuals with techno tunes.

About Hēi project:

Two creative minds capable of unifying the sensory spheres of sight and sound into a single element. This is the synaesthesia that connected Laura and Thea alias Hēi project, an all-female duo “one of the most promising on the Italian Berlin scene” (cit. Parkett Channel)

The project was born in Berlin in 2018 from the union between Laura, Milanese pianist and composer, and Thea, Berlin director and founder of CØR, an all-female film production house. Always passionate about electronic music, the two take over a former audiovisual project, Blaenkminds, and lead it to a more universal dimension, giving life to Hēi project.

/hēiː/ is the phonetic transcription of the Chinese character 黑 which oscillates between dark, sinister and forbidden, illegal. In fact, the duo surfs on the edges of peak time techno, ‘hacking’ elements of electroclash, industrial and breakbeat influence giving it a face through uncompromising visual productions.

The ambitious purpose of their performances is to bring the clubbing atmosphere into a sensory journey made of expressive shapes and multiform languages, through the mixing of self-produced filmic narratives with refined and often eclectic selections of electronic music. A courageous challenge that continues to find the engagement of an audience that is willing to indulge in a dreamlike flow made of sounds and images.

The much sought-after musical proposal of Laura and the visual contents produced and directed by Thea for international artists such as Kaiserdisco, Karotte, Steve Bug, Nur Jaber, Marco Resmann etc., have opened the doors of some of the most renowned clubs of the berlinese techno scene like Watergate, OHM, Berghain Kantine, Funkhaus, soon approaching more far-reaching horizons, from the NY Verboten to the Shanghai ex Elevator.

During the pandemic they embrace the path of record production and in a few months they print the first vinyl on a local Milanese label with the acid techno remix "Intro - Bereshit" mentioned several times by DJaneMag and Parkett Channel.

And this is only the beginning.