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Nervo return to Brazil and perform at Sutton Club in São Paulo

NERVO play at Sutton Club in São Paulo on the new annual party on Formula 1 week.

The Sutton Club for the first time brings the twin Australian DJs NERVOCollecting world-renowned festivals such as Rock in Rio, Tomorowland, Lollapalooza and Creamfields, they arrive at the most renowned club in São Paulo this Sunday, November 14th.

To celebrate one of the epic moments for Brazilian motorsport, Suicide Lemon agency, in partnership with Deep Entertainment, and Sutton Club partners, brings the Australian duo NERVO to the city  for the debut of the annual party. On Sunday, November 14th, the sisters will take over the track on the same day as the Formula 1 race in InterlagosThe party will become part of the competition's annual calendar, always taking place on the same day as the race, and the first edition will feature an exclusive dinner led by chef Ana Carolina Marques, harmonized with special FREIXENT Cavas!


Olivia and Miriam Nervo – Photo credit: Chloe Paul.

Olivia and Miriam Nervo – credit: Chloe Paul.


Miriam and Olivia are two of the most recognized female DJs across the globe, with a legion of very loyal fans, Nervo Nation, appearing in the line-ups of the biggest festivals in the world. Elected for 4 consecutive years (201620172018 and 2019) as the number 1 DJ in the world by the Top 100 DJanes of the English magazine DJane Mag, the twins have already been to Brazilian clubs and festivals several times. Headlining Rock in Rio (RJ) on the New Dance Order electronic stage in 2019, the twins are back to once again surprise fans with an incredible performance in São Paulo.


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The name behind this theme is businessman Michel Palazzo, from Suicide Lemon label, who joined the experience of Kadu Rachid, from Deep Entertainment and the group from Sutton, to make the event happen. Michel has been working in the national electronic music market since 1997, starting as a DJ, being the founder of URBR (Underground Records Brazil) in 2002, he founded the Suicide Lemon agency in 2009. He has been in charge of agency for 12 years, taking care of the career of several artists, he accumulates experience and several tours performed. After these two years of pandemic, challenges made Michel and his company even stronger for this return.


“It took two years to respect medicine, biologists, scientists and the Human Being. We do not participate in any clandestine events and we have a clear conscience, in addition to being alive and healthy. We've never experienced anything similar in the music industry and being able to go back to doing what we love with great DJs is an immense satisfaction”, says Michel.


So be sure to guarantee your ticket to see NERVO at Sutton Club on November 14th after the Formula 1 race, click here!

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