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About the club: 

six d.o.g.s is an all day/all night cultural entertainment center at the heart of Athens’ Historic Center (Monastiraki), which organically combines each one of its elements: a Gig Space, a Project Space, a Bar, a Foyer, and a Garden. It’s not introduced as a new space, but rather, as a new model for a space. It is suggested as a space which aims at constantly creating and maintaining a high-profile dynamic nucleus of cross-genre activities at a part of the city which is natural to happen, aiming at being both avant-garde and pop. Having a realistic average of hosting 500+ different events each year, the space keeps up to a hyperactive profile which is never indifferent. It is open from 10 in the morning till late in the night, daily, serving a wide range of local goodies, special cocktails, and home-made delights, all in a price-friendly package.

six d.o.g.s

6-8 Avramiotou Street, Monastiraki
+30 21 0321 0510

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