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About the club: 

Enjoy 3 different floors with different genres.

WARP is a 3 floor configuration.

1. "Universe Floor" is a main floor of up to 600 people! An effect lighting system centered on Japan's largest three-stage circular truss "Solar System" creates an unprecedented entertainment space and enjoying near future moving lighting.

2. The second floor "Bar Meteo" it is a lounge bar space where you can relax and enjoyyour drinksl. There is also a VIP tables in the back, and it is a fine space that can satisfy adult clubber who wants to enjoy music and drinking carefully.

3. The third floor named "Cosmo Room" is a perfect size feeling for a private party at home and veteran DJ directs a chilly space with the right air selection of the floor. Furthermore, you can lend to wedding ceremonies, banquets and day events, and you can enjoy private parties tailored to your taste.

Warp Shinjuku

歌舞伎町1-21-1 第二東亜会館ビル B1

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